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How long can you keep a secret?
We kept our secret for 74 years ...

After remaining silent for years, things are about to change.

The Slayer and his loyal horde of miscreants have been lurking around the drive-in the past few weeks.  Rumor has it, the Slayer is back for fun and the horde has a kill-board competition that has already begun ...



The Slayer

An oldie but goodie, this guy really knows how to slay.  And he also knows how to smash, strangle, and knit.

Circa 1949, it is believed the Slayer

is responsible for multiple murders occurring shortly after the Parkside Drive-In opened in 1949, through missing owners in 2022, although

it was never proven. 



Mopey Mary Miller

Never look Mary in the eye or laugh within an earshot ... she hates the happy, giddy, and fabulous. Mary escaped from Mansfield Reformatory in the mid-1940's for which, she was imprisoned for murdering her family.  Shortly after her escape, she met up with the Sundance Slayer to assist with his devilish duties. #CultLife